About Us

Meet Our Experienced Fishing Charter Boat Crew

Captain Mike Colby has been fishing his entire life in the Gulf of Mexico and has been a licensed 100-ton ocean operator for 28 years. Captain Mike grew up on the upper Texas Coast and moved to Clearwater in 1980. He has operated head boats and charter boats and is skilled at bottom reef fishing and sport trolling. Mike’s experience in operating all sizes of charter boats from 28 feet to 90 feet will guarantee you a safe and fun fish catching trip.

Your First Mate "Jersey" Jim has over 20 years of experience in commercial fishing boats, head boats, and charter boats in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Jim will rig your baits and show you how to fish like a pro! He will clean, bag, and ice all your fish. Jim's dedication and experience will help the seasoned fishermen or the first-time angler land the big one!